20 Personal Random Facts About Me! (Tag)

20 Personal Random Facts About me! (Tag)

Hi! Beauties! Today I thought I would share my version of the Personal Random Facts About Me tag. I first seen this tag while watching one of my favorite You Tube beauty  guru’s videos, Emily Eddington from Beauty Broadcast. I hope you enjoy these little random facts about me.

  1. I was born at a doctors clinic not a hospital.
  2. I am a quarter of a nut…….Seriously my great grandfather’s last name was Nutt! Good thing my grandmother married a man with the last name of Collins or my Aunts name would have been Hazel Nutt….or even funnier, if my uncles name had been Walter he could have been called Wal Nutt…….LOL!
  3. I have Agoraphobia and have panic attacks.
  4. I have a people pleaser personality. I hate it when I think someone is mad at me!
  5. I worked as an Certified Medical Coding Specialist for 15 years.
  6. I have a photogenic memory. I can still picture in my mind the banner of the ABC’s that my kindergarten teacher had placed above the chalk board.
  7. Besides makeup, I love collecting purses and shoes.
  8. I was the baby of the family. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers.
  9. I have 1 tattoo—a small rose.
  10. Since my mother’s death on 01/06/2012, I have become to love anything with butterflies on or in it.
  11. My favorite thing to do is shopping……..no big shocker there.
  12. I can crochet. My mother taught me how when I was a child.
  13. I would love to live in NYC and Los Angeles,CA. For at least an year in each.
  14. Biggest City I have ever lived in had only a population of approximately 12,000. That was for only 3 years. Other than that, I have always live in small rural areas.
  15. I have always dealt with low self-esteem.
  16. One of my biggest fears right now is that no one will even desire to read my blog articles.
  17. One of my near future goals is to finally get my nerve up to do an You Tube video. I have a channel already but have been to chicken to upload a video on it.
  18. My first childhood best friend was born the day after me and in the same doctors clinic. She was also my neighbor.
  19. I got married at the ripe old age of 16—we were in love and just couldn’t wait. We have now been married almost 33 years.
  20. My biggest regret is taking for granted that my mom would always be here for me to visit and talk to.

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