Beth and Beauty’s Review of the Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Hi! Beauties! I wanted to give you a review of this fogless shower mirror that I was blessed to have  received from Cassani. I feel honored they value my opinion enough to send the product to me.  I wanted to start this review off my showing you some of the most frequent questions and answers that came with the mirror.

How is The Cassani Shower Mirror Fogless?

By warming the mirror with the shower stream the difference in temperature between the shower air and the mirror disappears. With mirror and shower being the same temperature there will not be any fog.


What Is The Best Way To Clean My Shower Mirror?

NOT use cleaning products on this mirror.

Our Anti-Fog Nanotechnology is infused into the reflection surface.
Using cleaning products here will very likely remove our anti-fog magic. We recommend using regular soap, or simply rinsing it with water.

Any small amount of soap or even toothpaste can be rubbed on and rinsed off to clear away any water spots.


Where Should I NOT Place My Mirror?

We recommend you placing your mirror away from areas in the direct shower stream or where cooler air may enter from outside the shower. We also advise to try and keep the mirror away from spray spray as well. Do a test run first before placing your mirror and razor hooks.

How To Attach My Wall Mounts?

1) Clean the area in your shower where you will put your mirror and razor hooks with rubbing alcohol and make sure the surface is very dry before putting the adhesives in place.

2) Place pressure on the hook(s) for 30-45 seconds

3) Allow the hooks a few hours to set before hanging anything on them.

This will almost guarantee that your wall mounts stay in place as long as you need them to.

My husband has always just shaved over his sink. When we received this, he followed the directions and hung it in our shower stall. He used it to shave with and he said it really did work and never fogged up. His only complaint was not having enough lighting but that has nothing to do with Cassani, it is just our bad lighting in our bathroom. I have found I also like using it when I am in the shower to make sure all my eye makeup is removed after I wash my face. This is on sale right now for $14.99 down from $26.99, on and here is the link: Fogless Shower Mirror – HIGHEST RATED! – Includes Razor Hook – Modern – Anti-Fog Nanotechnology – Exclusive To Amazon

Thank you so much for reading my review on this Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror. Please feel free to leave any tips, suggestions or questions in my comment section also. I read and reply to all of them. I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Beth and Beauty and you have decided to stay awhile by subscribing to my blog by email, BlogLovin, or Google+. We can also connect through any of my social media outlets. Just click on the corresponding social media icon. I am just a click away.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Beth and Beauty’s Lorac Pro Champagne Eye Tutorial

Lorac Pro Champagne Eye Tutorial Final Look

Hi! Beauties! Today on Beth and Beauty I am going to try something new for me! I am going to try and do an eye look (tutorial) for you.  I am calling it my Lorac Pro Champagne Eye. I am going to first share with you a picture collage showing you a before, during and after picture. Second, I am going show you the picture of the Lorac Pro Palette colors I used along with a picture and list of the other products that I used.  I will explain where/how I used all the products to get this eye look. You have already seen the final look in the above picture. So, let’s get this look/tutorial started: (click on any picture to enlarge it)

Lorac Pro Champagne Eye Tutorial Collage

As promised above is the before, almost there (during) and after picture collage. If you knew me very well, you would know how hard it was for me to give you the before and during picture above. I do already have my foundation and brows done in the above pictures.

Lorac Pro Champagne Eye Tutorial Other Products

Lorac Pro Champagne Eye Tutorial Colors Used

Above is first a picture of all the other products I used along with my Lorac Pro Palette to get this eye look. I have also marked the Lorac Pro colors and how I used them on the above picture. On my list below I will refer to the palette as LP. I am just going to start with the very first product I put on my eyes and go in the order I used each product/color!

  1. MAC Paint Pot in Painterly- this is an eye shadow primer and also helps with discoloration of  your eyelids
  2. LP-Cream – I applied this all over my lid up to my brow, to help have a base for other shadows to blend with.
  3. LP-Mauve – Using a fluffy eye shadow blending brush and windshield wiper motions I applied this color (my transition color) in my crease and just a little above my crease. The transition color is used to help your eyelid, crease and upper eye color blend into each other with no sharp lines.
  4. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked Pink – Using my middle finger tip I patted this cream shadow only onto the moving part of my eyelid. This will give the eye lid colors a more vibrant look when placed on top of it. I have found less is more when using any cream base color like this.
  5. LP-Champagne – I used a flat shadow brush and applied this color to the inner 1/3 of my moving eye lid.
  6. LP-Garnet – I used the same flat shadow brush but turned it over and started applying  this color to the outer 1/3 of moving lid and moved towards the champagne color until the colors met.
  7. LP-Lt. Bronze – I used my middle finger again and just patted this color right on the middle of my moving eyelid to not only highlight this area but also to blend the other colors together where they met.
  8. LP-Taupe – I used a crease eye brush and started at the outer corner at the crease of eye and using light windshield wiper motions applied this to just the crease to give my eye some definition.
  9. LP-Sable – I used a small pencil eye shadow brush and used this darker color to define my outer V. I started by first touching the brush with this color on it at the beginning of my crease and working in little circles I went about a third way across crease and then back to the beginning of crease and still moving in small circles and strokes I applied this color to the outer 1/3 of the eyelid but only right above lash line. (making the horizontal “V” shape) This gives your eyes more definition.
  10. LP-Cream – I use a blender brush and just apply this above transition color to the brow. Making sure there are no harsh lines.
  11. LP-White- I use a short eye shader brush and apply this color right under my brow arch and just barely line my lower brow line. I also apply a little dab of this color to my inner tear duct area. This helps make your eyes look more open and bright.
  12. Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Cobalt – This was something new I added to my eye look. This eye liner is wonderful and easy to apply, but when it drys it is set so I do one eye at time. This cobalt is a very beautiful darker blue which helps make green eyes pop. I just applied it right on the lower lash line and connected it to my top lid by just putting a little line maybe 1/8 way across outer upper eye lash line. I then used a smudger brush and smudged it in making a smoky kind of look. I only use horizontal smudging strokes because I don’t like the liner to come to far down under my lower eye lashes and I also don’t want it to go up on the moving eyelid, I just want it right at lash line.
  13. LP-Taupe – Using a slanted eye liner(brow) brush I just barely get a little of this color and apply it to the lower outer 1/3 lash line, right on top of the blue eyeliner.
  14. Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Eyeliner Pen in Ultra Black – I apply it to my upper lash line making a little flick on the outer edge making a small “cat eye”. I believe this gives my aging eyes a lift.
  15. Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Blackout – I use this in my upper water line to tight line. This makes my sparse eye lashes look like I have a little bit more there.  These eyeliner pencils stays on all day. Just make sure you get the “SuperShock” ones not the “Glimmersticks” .
  16. Mary Kay Waterproof Lash Love in Black – I applied 2 coats to my upper and lower lashes.
  17. Rimmell Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl eyeliner in the color Nude – I use this color to line my lower lash water line. This really helps your eyes look bigger if you have smaller eyes.

I hope I have helped you with this tutorial. I am in no way claiming to be a makeup artist. I am just a beauty enthusiast (nice way of saying “junkie”) that just wanted to share some tips that I have learned over the last couple of years while reading beauty blogs and watching beauty You Tube videos. Please feel free to leave any tips, suggestions or questions in my comment section also. I read and reply to all of them. I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Beth and Beauty and you have decided to stay awhile by subscribing to my blog by email, BlogLovin, or Google+. We can also connect through any of my social media outlets. Just click on the corresponding social media icon. I am just a click away.

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