Beauty 101: Random Beauty Tips!

Beauty 101: Random Beauty Tips Collage

Hi! Beauties! Today I thought I would just share some random beauty tips with you that I have came across from my many hours of researching (playing on) the internet. I found them interesting and I am betting you will too. I have not tried all these tips, so if you have tried any of them, please share your results with us.

  1. Apply Vaseline to wrist and behind knee. Spray those two areas with perfume. The Vaseline absorbs the perfume as it soaks into your skin. The scent from the perfume rises, so back of knee is a great place to keep it.
  2. Roll on perfume oil last longer than regular perfume spray. Expensive perfume sprays don’t last that long and the roll on perfume fragrances will last up to 5 hours. (I am definitely going to be giving this one a try)
  3. Spray your favorite perfume on your hair brush then brush your hair. It will add a subtle scent that will stay with you all day.
  4. Keep your bottles of perfume out of the bathroom (heat and humidity can cause the scent to turn)- you can even store them in the refrigerator  to keep scents fresh even longer. (I found this one very interesting)
  5. To apply your foundation and to get the most coverage. Use a large flat topped brush, which deposits color more densely. Dip the brush into your foundation and swirl all over your face, in small circular motions, until it is well blended onto your skin. To finish, take a makeup sponge then dip it into the foundation and use it to push it onto problem areas. ( I have tried this and it does work) (Real Techniques makes both a good buffing foundation brush and sponge. You can get both of them off of or Ulta)(for your convenience you can use my affiliate link in my side bar, just click on the blue “see more great deals”)
  6. Applying moisturizer can make a big difference when applying foundation. Apply moisturizer before applying foundation and leave on for approx. 5 minutes to dry and set in.
  7. When applying foundation always start in the center of your face and work outward. Then don’t forget your neck.
  8. A quicker way to apply eyeliner to both of your waterlines is to use a retractable eyeliner pencil and rolling the tip out longer than normal. Place tip on bottom waterline then close your eye and move pencil tip back and forth and viola you apply to both waterlines at once.
  9. A lip brush can help with applying lipstick with better accuracy and to help blend lip liner with your lipstick so the liner doesn’t stand out so much.
  10. For dandruff, try massaging 2-3 tablespoons of regular table salt into your scalp before getting your hair wet. Let sit for a minute, then was your hair as usual. Repeat once a week to keep dandruff away for good.

So there is 10 beauty tips for our Beauty 101 class. I hope these tips will help someone. I found all of them interesting and they are tips that I would not mind trying. If you have tried any of these tips please let us know which ones and if they worked for you. You can also share one of your own tips if you would like to share it. If you have any tips, suggestions or questions please feel free to leave them below in the comment section. To leave a comment just click below where is says how many comments there are for this article. I am only telling you this because I have had some subscribers ask me how to leave a comment due to them not seeing the actual comment section. I totally understand why the question, when I first started reading some blogs I also had a hard time figuring out how to leave a comment. Also we can connect through any of my social media outlets, just click on corresponding floating icon and I am just a click away.

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