Beauty 101: Curl your eyelashes and tightline at same time!

Eyelash Curler and Gel Eyeliner I used for the curling eyelashes and tightline at same time trick!

Hi! Beauties! Today here on Beth and Beauty, I am going to share a tip on how to curl your eyelashes and tightline your upper lash line at the same time. I was asked on Facebook by a subscriber to test this tip out to see if it really works. The tip she had seen was from a Trusper tip she had seen on Facebook. When I viewed the link she shared with me. I found that it actually leads back to Wayne from gossmakeupartist, his you tube channel. If you don’t know who he is, he is an amazing Makeup Artist! As pictured above, all you need is an eyelash curler, gel eyeliner, and a eyeliner brush. I used just my $1 ELF eyelash curler, $3 Essence gel eyeliner and just an eyeliner brush I have had forever. By using the eyeliner brush I applied the gel eyeliner all the way accross the rubber part of the eyelash curler (as above picture states) as evenly as I could. I then did as Wayne said I snuggled the eyelash curler up to my lash line as close as is possible and then I used a very small amount of pressure and wiggled it back and forth just a little while curling my eyelashes. It worked the first time I tried it! I was amazed on how easy it was. See below my before and after pictures.

Eyelash Curler Tightline Trick Before and After Pictures

As you can see from the above picture, this trick really does work. In the pictures above I did no touch ups at all. I think this is a perfect tip to use when you are doing your everyday look. I didn’t apply any other makeup and it really gives your eyes some definition. I would probably add a little more eyeliner if I was going out for a special event or  I was going for a more full on makeup look. I am so glad I was asked to try this tip out. I will be using it all the time now.

If you have any tips you would like me try out for you, suggestions or questions please feel free to leave them below in the comment section. We can also connect through any of my social media outlets, just click on the corresponding floating icon you would like to use and I am just a click away.

A Beth and Beauty special tip: Be sure and clean your eyelash curler very good each time after using this technique. Doing this you will avoid smudges when you use the technique the next time but most importantly you will avoid any chance of getting bacteria/infection in your eyes.

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