Beth and Beauty’s Friday (Favorites) Ahh’s! or Nahh’s!

Beth and Beauty's Fridays Ahh's! or Nahh's! Skin Products

Hi! Beauties! May is here, so I thought or said to myself, “New month, let’s try something new!”. I decided I am going to try sharing with you my favorites for this week and the not so favorite products from this week. This will include skincare, makeup, health, fashion, home etc. I am going to try to throw some East Texas Flair into the name so I am going to call it, Beth and Beauty’s Friday Ahh’s! or Nahh’s! The Ahh’s being the products I am loving and the Nahh’s being the not so loved products of the week.  I explained this for anyone who doesn’t speak East Texan…….LOL!! I will start with my Ahh’s!

From above picture:

  1. Maybelline Clean Express Waterproof Makeup Remover – the ultra gentle and the oil/liquid one that you shake up before use. I am telling you this because there is also one in same looking container that is actually a gel. I did not care for that one. I got this when I went to repurchase my favorite L’Oreal Clean Artist Waterproof makeup remover (in the green bottle) and my WalMart was sold out and saw this one and decided to try it and it works as well as the L’Oreal one.
  2. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil – I seen this from watching a you tube video, sorry I can’t remember which one, but anyway they said they were using this and they just applied a little before shower over body and then again after shower to their damp body and then just patted themselves dry with bath towel. Well, the whole reason this interested me was they said it was easier and quicker than applying lotion all over your body. I have to confess that I don’t always take the time it takes to apply body lotion, because it does take a while to make sure it is rubbed in and then I have to wait for it to kinda dry so I can put PJ’s on. Well, I am here to tell you it does work wonderfully and not only is my skin soft and not dry, it drys fast and is not oily at all. Ahhhh!!!
  3. Natures Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with Biotin – My nails are like paper most of the time and I know Biotin is suppose to help with that but I hate to take pills. I found these gummies  and they taste great and fit right into my other gummy vitamins I take daily. I will keep you updated if they help my nails and even my hair.

Beth and Beauty's Fridays Ahh's! or Nahh's! Beauty Products

  1. Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Cobalt (darker blue) – I have been using this all week. This SuperShock gel eyeliner pencils not only glides on so smooth they have awesome staying power. I even used this one in my first eye tutorial blog post this last week.
  2. It cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in Light – I bought this a couple of weeks ago from and I am loving it. It really does help cover up the crevices and bags under my eyes. It does, like any other concealer, eventually settle in my fine lines, but it has lasted longer than any other concealer I have tried. I have learned not to set my under eye concealers with a powder because powders seem to exaggerate my fine lines and wrinkles. You young people enjoy that under eye setting powders while you can….!
  3. I was at my local Sally’s Beauty Supply this week and I picked up 4 of the Sally Girl single eyeshadows. These singles are the neatest things. They actually link together, you just buy the colors you want then connect them together. I got 4 colors. Three of them I really am liking (the other one will be mentioned below) and the name of those colors are Black Brown, Lilac and Purple Passion. They are pigmented and blend on the eye well. They are only .94 cents!

Beth and Beauty's Fridays Ahh's! or Nahh's My Nahh's

Okay, now to my Nahh’s!! I only have two of them. As pictured above:

  1. SheerCover Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 15 – This came in the same set with the cleanser that I just featured in my April Empties. I tried this moisturizer so many different times and I am really not that picky about moisturizers but I just do not like how this never seemed to sink into the skin of my face. So, you can imagine how applying my makeup afterwards was! Not so good!
  2. One of of the little linking Sally Girl single eyeshadows that I picked up in the color Beige did not seem to have any pigment or it was just so light I just could’t see it. Which is possible, since my eye sight is not as good as it used to be…LOL! Either way I did not like it.  I will use it just as a base color on my eyes to help other colors to blend well on my eyes, so it won’t go to waste.

Well, there you go! Beauties! I hope you enjoyed Beth and Beauty’s Ahh’s! and Nahh’s! Tell me if you like these kind of articles or if you would rather have the Funday Friday Comments Tag articles on Fridays. I would really like your input! Please also feel free to leave any other tips, suggestions or questions in my comment section. I read and reply to all of them. I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Beth and Beauty and you have decided to stay awhile by subscribing to my blog by email, BlogLovin, or Google+. We can also connect through any of my social media outlets. Just click on the corresponding social media icon. I am just a click away.

P.S.  Somehow, I missed getting a picture and mentioning two more Ahhh! products for this week: Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Collection Cream Eyeshadow in the color Inked in Pink and the Elizabeth Mott single eye shadow in the color Champagne that I received in my April 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag.

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