Beth and Beauty’s Kat Von D Chrysalis Purple Eye Look/Tutorial

Kat Von D Chrysalis Final Eye Look

Hello! Fellow beauty enthusiasts! I had asked you on my May 9th article, Beth and Beauty Wants/Needs Your Opinion, which eye look/tutorial you wanted me to do. The choices you had to choose from was from two of my newest palettes, the Urban Decay Naked and the Kat Von D Chrysalis palettes. I want to thank everyone for taking the time and voting. Well it is obvious which one won by the title of this post, but the Kat Von D Chrysalis won by a landslide. So pictured above is the eye look I came up with.  I am new at doing these kind of posts so I hope you will leave any tips (nice) in my comments, they will be much appreciated. Lets get this look/tutorial started.

Kat Von D Chrysalis Purple EOTD Swatches

  1. With finger applied MAC Painterly on eyelids all the way up to brow and under eye for my primer. (helps hide veins etc., plus helps eye shadows not to crease and last longer)
  2. With fluffy eye shadow blending brush I  applied the color Glasswing (pictured above) using windshield wiper motions in the crease and a little above crease for my transition color.
  3. With finger applied Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow base in Painted Purple on moving part of eyelid.
  4. With small flat eye shadow brush I applied the color Transition (pictured above) onto my inner half of  moving eyelid.
  5. With same flat eye shadow brush but flipped over I applied the color Messanine (pictured above) onto my the outer half of moving eyelid.
  6. Used clean fluffy brush without any eyeshadow on it and just lightly blended in middle of moving eyelid to make sure there was a smooth transition of the lighter and darker purple shades.
  7. With  medium size pencil brush I applied the color Hybrid Moments (pictured above) onto the outer crease and blended it about halfway over into the crease.
  8. With  small size pencil brush I applied the same color but more precise in the outer crease and outer eye lid making my outer vertical “V”.
  9. With slanted eye shadow/brow brush I applied the color Glasswing under the lower lash line all the way accross.
  10. With same slanted brush I applied the Hybrid Moments under the lower lash line right below the color Glasswing.
  11. With eye liner brush using MAC  Fluidline gel eyeliner in the color Black Track I applied my upper eyeliner line with a little flick at the end.
  12. With same eye liner brush using the same MAC gel eyeliner I tightlined by upper waterline and my lower waterline.
  13. With Mary Kay’s Lash Love mascara in black I applied two coats of mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Kat Von D Chrysalis Final Look

Thank you for joining Beth and Beauty today while I  presented to you my  Kat Von D Chrysalis eye look/tutorial. I have been truly loving this eyeshadow palette. The colors are all so velvety, soft and very pigmented. I hope you enjoyed your visit and have decided to stay awhile by subscribing to my blog. You can do this by email, Google + or BlogLovin. I would also love for you to follow me on Facebook by clicking the “Like” button. If you have any tips, suggestions or questions please feel free to leave them below in the comment section. We can also connect through any of my social media outlets, just click on the corresponding floating icon you would like to use and I am just a click away.

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