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Out of Sorts! Saturday Snapshots Aug 22-26,2016


Hey! Guys! I thought I would start sharing my weekly video diary with you! I call this video I put up every Saturday, Saturday Snapshots!

I give you snapshots of how my week went. Where I go, what I am up to…etc. I include some shopping trips and items I purchased..some is even online “hauls” (what I refer to my items I purchase).

Right now I even have a giveaway/challenge going on right now! It is called my One Year Anniversary Memory Capsule Giveaway/Challenge.  Click here to see it! You don’t have to do youtube to join in! It is active from Aug 8 -Sept 30, 2016.

If you want o check out how my week went and what I was up to just click here!

Saturday Snapshots ( video life journal series)

Hi! Everyone! I thought you might enjoy my weekly vide journal series! These videos is where I make and record memories one week at a time!

I am doing these vlogs (video life journal) because I realized when my mother passed away that I had very few photographs of her and no videos…so her voice I can not hear any longer…I want to make it a little easier for my family for when the Lord calls me home, they will have these to watch and remember our good and not so good times.

Hope you enjoy them!!