Lips 101: How to get the perfect cupid’s bow!!

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Hi! Beauties! Today I want to share with you the tips I have found that has helped me to get the perfect cupid’s bow on my upper lip. I don’t know about you, but I have always had trouble getting that little bow to look asymmetrical. One point of it would always be higher than the other. Then, the other problem I have found I have as I have gotten older is the lipstick color feathering or bleeding on to my skin around my lips.  I added the above picture so if you need any reference points for the steps below you will have this picture to help you. Products you will need is: Clear lip pencil ( I am currently using one from Merle Norman), lip liner (color of your choice), lipstick (color of your choice). Optional products: Lip Exfoliator, (I am currently using one from ELF $3 from WalMart), lip balm/conditioner ( I am using a new lip conditioner from Avon) and a lip gloss (clear or color of your choice.

Perfect Cupid's Bow

We will be going from left to right in above picture. The following is the steps I have been using and believe I am getting better defined lips, a lot less feathering and better lasting power of my lipstick. This is going to be a one color lip look that I am sharing with you. You of course can mix it up and do duo lip colors, ombre etc.

  1. I start off before I put any make up on by applying my lip exfoliator then using a clothe or tissue I wipe it off along with any dry lip particles. I then add my lip balm/conditioner and apply rest of my makeup to  let the lip conditioner/balm soak into my lips.
  2. I use the clear lip liner to outline my lips right on the outside of my lip line all the way around my lips. The first picture in the above picture shows you what your lips will look like after these two steps are done.
  3. Picture 2: Using your lip liner (color of your choice) you will start at the top of one side of your cupid’s bow and draw line down and across, then you will repeat this step on your other side and you will end up with an X on your upper lip.
  4. Picture 3: Using same lip liner with your mouth slightly open you will need to outline on your lip line both outer corners of your lips. You are more or less making a side ways V on each side.
  5. Picture 4: Using same lip liner you will outline a little higher on both sides of your upper lip but not connecting to the X yet. Also using the same lip liner you will define the bottom lip, you will find the exact center of your bottom lip directly below the center of the X you just created
  6. Picture 5: Using same lip liner and using small strokes connect the lines. I also find that if I fill in my entire lip before I apply my lipstick that it really extends the staying power of my lip color.
  7. Picture 6: Using the lipstick color of your choice and fill in your lips. You can use a lip brush for more exact application of the lipstick or even your finger tip. How you apply it is all up to you and your preference. I also usually always top my lipstick off with either a clear lip gloss or matching color lip gloss on the center of my bottom lip. It is suppose to make your lips look more plumper, I don’t know about that, but I like the way it looks so I do it.

I so hope I have helped you with getting the best lipstick look you can. It has taken practice for me and I feel like using the above steps I have gotten better with applying my lipstick where it not only looks decent but it also stays put on the lips  and it last on my lips for a lot longer.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions please feel free to leave them below in the comment section. If you would rather contact me through any of my social media outlets please just click on corresponding floating icon and I am just a click away.

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