Merle Norman Clarifying Clay Mask vs Merle Norman Miracol Creamy Formula Revitilizing Cream!

Merle Norman's Clarifying Clay Mask vs Merle Norman's Miracol Creamy Revitalizing Cream Mask

Hi! Beauties! Today I am going to call it an official “Fighting Friday”.  I don’t know where I came up with these names for these last two days…..LOL! Today it is going to be Merle Norman’s Clarifying Clay Mask vs Merle Norman’s Miracol Creamy Formula Revitilizing Cream! I am going to tell you it is/was a very close match/fight.

Myself Trying Out Each of the Merle Norman Face Mask

Swatches of Merle Norman's Clarifying Clay Mask and Merle Norman's Miracol Creamy Revitalizing Cream Mask

Can you see the determination in my face in the above picture? I can tell you I do love both of these mask. The above picture with me in the white war face is myself with the Merle Norman Clarifying Clay Mask and the other picture is of me with  my pink/clear Merle Norman Creamy Formula Revitalizing Cream mask. I am not mad in the second picture, you are just not suppose to move your face after applying it.  You can see by the swatch above that the Clarifying Clay Mask is a thick white clay mask and the Miracol Cream Mask is a more thinner pink creamy mask. Both to me is good because each of them seem to both work in their own separate way and both feel differently on your face. But no worries! This is “Fighting Friday” so at the end of this article I will choose the winner of which one of these masks I would repurchase if I was only allowed to choose one of them. This is going to be so hard.

Merle Norman's Clarifying Clay Mask

We will start with the newest one to me. Pictured above is the Clarifying Clay Mask. It is a thick white clay texture but does go on your face smoothly.  This mask claims that it deep cleans. Eliminates excess oil and minimizes the appearance of pores with Kaolin Clay. Leaves skin matte, brighter and cleaner. Ideal for oily skin or oily areas. Dermatologist tested and is oil-free. The directions says to apply a thin layer with finger tips on clean skin. Let dry for 5 minutes. Remove with warm damp cloth. Use 2-3 times a week. I do believe all the claims this product does claim to do except I am not sure how much it minimized the appearance of my pores. I do believe it unclogged any clogged pores I might have had. My skin did feel smooth and clean after each use. My skin is really not that oily, it is more normal to combo w/ sensitivity issues but this mask did not give me any problems with my sensitive skin.

Merle Norman's Miracol Creamy Revitizing Cream Mask

Now to the other contender. Pictured above is my Miracol Creamy mask. Let me point out this is an older tube so I believe the tube has a different look now. This mask is a pink thinner but creamy mask. This mask claims that it leaves skin softer, brighter and cleaner by removing impurities and reducing unnecessary oils without drying the skin. Pores appear refined and lines appear less visible after use. I do absolutely agree with all the claims. Even my daughter noticed that my pores were smaller after regular use. You apply this with your fingertips on to your clean face and neck, avoiding hairline, lips and eye area. You then leave it on until it dries, 8-10 minutes, but for maximum benefits it says to leave on for up to 20 minutes. You then just remove with warm water and then pat dry.  Like the other it suggest use 2-3 times a week. After you apply this mask on your face you can literally feel it pulling out the impurities and tightening your pores, not in a painful way at all. I have found you do need to keep your face still while it is drying or it will loosen and crack. This is one of the main differences in this mask and the clay mask. It does take longer to use even if you leave on for the shortest time period the tube suggest of 8 minutes. It is also a little harder to remove from face.

Okay, now for the winner!! Drum roll please…………………….If I could only choose one of them, it would have to be the Miracol Creamy Formula Revitalizing Cream mask. I believe I prefer this one for several reasons:

  1. I am older and I think the Miracol is better suited for someone with more mature skin. Don’t get me wrong I think a younger person could get great benefits from it also, but I think it just works better for my mature skin, bigger pores and not to mention my fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. I like the way you can feel it working while on your skin more than I can with the clay mask. I do like the clay mask and since I now have it I will for sure still use it.
  3. I also think it is a better deal for the Miracol since it comes in a 6 oz tube and it takes less product to me than the clay mask that comes in a 3.4 oz.

I hope you have enjoyed this “Fighting Friday” blog post today. I enjoyed doing it for you. It was a hard choice for me to make because I do like both products. If you haven’t tried any of the Merle Norman face cleansers, toners or masks I would totally recommend them to you.  If you have any comments, suggestions or questions please feel free to leave them below in the comment section. If you would rather contact me through any of my social media outlets please just click on corresponding floating icon and I am just a click away.

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