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Nume Shampoo & Condioner, Hair Care Special Offer


Hi! My Fellow Beauties! Sorry this is so late but stormy weather delayed this post. Today I wanted to go ahead and release this since the above offer expires 06/14/2014 and I did not want you to miss out on a “GREAT” shampoo and conditioner. Click here on my link: then go to the category Hair Care, there you will find this shampoo and conditioner along with some other things that you can get for free using the discount code “HAIRFREE”,  all you have to pay for is the shipping. I purchased this shampoo and conditioner using this deal and I think I have finally found my holy grail shampoo and conditioner for my dry, color treated hair. I have only used them once but what a difference in my hair. I used this shampoo and conditioner along with their Argon Oil leave in hair treatment (which is also part of sale, I believe you have to pay $10 for it) and my hair has not looked this healthy in a long time. Also my scalp does not itch with this shampoo and conditioner. Yes, the link is an affiliate link. I hope by now you know I am going to tell you the truth about any product I have used and recommend. I did, as mentioned above, purchase this shampoo and conditioner with the above deal by just paying for the shipping. You can only get up to 3 items with this deal and only 1 of each product.

NuMe Discount Code bethandbeauty49

While I was doing this post I did want to share with you my other affiliate huge discount codes that NuMe is offering to my subscribers/readers. All you have to do is click on my affiliate link: and use the corresponding discount code. The above offer is an amazing deal. I just want to make sure you know that these products are professional hair tools not your everyday hair tool products. There are 4 Classic Professional Curling Wands ranging in sizes 13 mm all the way up to 32 mm and their regular prices range from $135-$150. There are 3 Magic Professional Curling Wands ranging in sizes 19 mm-32 mm and their regular prices ranging from $150-$160. They have the Classic Pearl Wand as pictured above that is regular $140. I personally have purchased, with my own money, the Classic Reverse 25mm-13mm Curling wand and wow the curls you can get with this wand is amazing (I have an Instagram video showing my hair curled with this wand)(@bethandbeauty13). I was so pleased and excited when NuMe gave me this huge discount code to share with you beauties. You can get any of the Classic or Magic Professional Curling Wands for $49.00 by just clicking on my link: and using my discount code bethandbeauty49 at checkout.

NuMe Discount Code bbeautysets130

I can not wait until I am able to save and purchase one of their 4 styling sets. I have 2 of the sets picture above. With the huge discount code they have given me to use and share with you, I hope to be ordering my own Curl Jam Set soon. Again, all you have to do is use my link: and then use the discount code bbeautysets130 to get $130 off at checkout.

NuMe Discount Code bethsdryer150

Now this deal is beyond belief, I am so excited. You can get this NuMe Professional Signature Dryer for $150 off by clicking on my link: and using my discount code bethsdryer150 at checkout.

I hope by sharing this sale information,Beth and Beauty’s affiliate link along my own discount codes with you will help you that have been wanting some professional hair tools and hair care products, but could not afford them. Please feel free to leave any tips, suggestions or questions in my comment section. I read and reply to all of them. I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Beth and Beauty and you have decided to stay awhile by subscribing to my blog by email, BlogLovin, or Google+. We can also connect through any of my social media outlets. Just click on the corresponding social media icon. I am just a click away!

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