Plan With Me & Tanya Oct 9-15, 2017

Above picture is hand drawn by Keena Prints

Hi! Guys! I am trying to learn more of posting my videos directly to Facebook and then here on my blog! So I may not be able to get both go up at exact same time…but close!

Link to featured sticker kit:

To see all other members of the Plan With Me Design Group videos please go to the group’s Facebook page

Etsy and Target Haul! Planner Stickers, Home Decor & More


YouTube decided  that I was putting too many links to shops for my subscribers to be able to click and go right to the shop where I purchased the stickers or product. So for now I am going to be uploading my videos through Facebook and posting them here on my blog….with those links! Use tanya15 for 15% off

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