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Weekly Makeup Basket! September 22 ~ 28, 2015

Hi! Beauties! I have started putting together a weekly makeup basket. For a couple of reasons, 1) To help motivate me to put makeup on more throughout week, I feel better when I do 2)To make sure I switch out my makeup products so all of it is used and enjoyed. I hope this video will help someone else who struggles with fatigue, depression to get motivated to take some steps towards making each day a little better than the last one…..Just remember on those days where you just can’t, don’t kick yourself. Just take one day at a time. It is when we get overwhelmed when we pull away from the things we love or love to do. Big hugs to each of you!

Feel free to stalk me on any of my social media platforms….LOL! I love to interact with all my subscribers/friends….May God bless your day and night!

Makeup Basket for This Week, September 14-20, 2015

I share what makeup I have chosen to wear this week, September 14 -20, 2015. I want to do this so hopefully I will make myself use different makeup every week and will motivate me to put some makeup on each day!! The thumbnail above on video is an YouTube issue, sorry, just hit the play button and it will play the video!