Vaseline! Miracle Goo or Poo??

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Vaseline! Miracle Goo or Poo??

Hello! My fellow beauty enthusiasts! Above is a question many of us have asked ourselves. Let us start with when Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) was first introduced to us. The person who gave us this mysterious jelly was Robert Chesebrough. In, 1872, Vaseline was brought to us right out of the oil field. Doesn’t sound like a very pretty start, does it?

I know! I know! Just the thought of using a gooey jelly as a beauty product, does not sound very appealing, especially on the face, but I did some research. I found that the largest concern of people was that this miracle goo would clog their pores and cause irritation or acne breakouts. This is not 100% true. The fact is that the molecules in this petroleum jelly are too big to go into the pores. It actually acts like a protective barrier on the skin. What causes the irritation or acne breakouts is when it is put on a skin surface that has not been cleansed well; then the dirt underneath the barrier clogs the pores.

I found there are so many uses for this miracle goo. I just had to share some of them with you! So, here we go, starting with my favorite:

  1. Longer, thicker and fuller eye lashes – Apply small amount with finger, cleaned old mascara wand or an inexpensive brow spoolie to your upper and lower lashes including the root at bed time (cleanse off in morning). It will take about a week to see some noticeable results. Wow! is all I can say.
  2. Eye makeup remover – Apply small amount with fingers to the eye then gently massage and wipe off with tissue or a cotton round.
  3. Long lasting perfume – Apply a dab on pulse points then follow with perfume.
  4. Dry flaky winter lips – Mix 1/4 teaspoon vaseline with some course sugar and apply it to your lips in circular motions for 2 minutes. Wipe off with cloth and you will have some beautiful soft lips.
  5. Yummy chocolate lip gloss – Melt 1 Hershey kiss for 15-30 seconds. Mix with about 1 teaspoon of vaseline. You can store this in a small travel container that you can get at Amazon or some department stores.
  6. Stuck zipper – Apply small amount on metal part of zipper and  Voilà!  No more stuck zipper!
  7. Shine shoes and hand bags – Apply small amount with fingers and then buff with soft clothe.
  8. Stuck nail polish cap – After you get it open, rub small amount around rim of bottle. This also works on super glue caps.
  9. Protect child’s eyes – Apply above eye brows before washing your child’s hair in bath tub and water will go around their eyes. Where was this tip when my children were little???
  10. Stuck rings – Apply around ring and finger then your rings will come off.

This is just a list of my Top 10 uses. I could go on and on, but I believe you would get a little bored. Thank you so much for joining me today. Please comment below one of your favorite uses for vaseline. Please don’t forget to subscribe! You can also connect with me through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or You Tube. All the links are on your right.