Beth and Beauty’s Fast and Easy FOTD for March 30,2014!

Beth and Beauty's Fast and Easy FOTD: 03/30/2014

Hi! Beauties! Today on Beth and Beauty, I am going to share with you my fast and easy FOTD for yesterday, March 30,2014. Have you ever had one of those days where you just didn’t feel right. You are not sick but just feel off pudding! That was me yesterday, usually that would mean I hermit in my house but I had to take my sister home. I started just to go without makeup but I decided I would just throw together a fast and easy FOTD. I thought maybe having a  little bit of makup on would make me feel better. I was right, it did.  I know I can’t be the only one to have these kind of days so I thought I would share what products I used. I am just going to give you a picture of the products and list them. I will tell you the CC cream is part of the research for a future blog post. So, let’s get to the FOTD!

Beth and Beauty's FOTD: CoverFX CC Cream 3302014

Beth and Beauty's FOTD Face Powder and Blush 03302014

Beth and Beauty's FOTD: Eyes 03302014

Beth and Beauty's FOTD: Brows and Lips 03302014

Foundation: CoverFX CC Cream in N Light

Powder: NARS Light Reflecting Finishing Powder

Blush: Maybelline’s Master Highlighting Blush in 20-Pink rose

Eyes: Maybelline’s Color Tattoos in the colors Inked Pink and Tough as Taupe, Essence gel eyeliner in Midnight in Paris and Benefit’s They’re Real mascara

Brows: Anastasia Brow Powder in Medium Brown, Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ash Blonde and Anastasia Brow Duality

Lips: Juice Beauty’s Lip Gloss in Pink

Only tools I used for this look was my fingers for the most part. I did use my Sigma F80 Kabuki Foundation brush to make sure the CC Cream was blended well on my hairline and jaw/neck area. I also did use the Anastasia slanted brow brush/ spoolie in one brush to do my brows, and the Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply my blush.

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Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comment Tag!

Beth and Beauty's Funday Friday!

Hi! Beauties! Today on Beth and Beauty, I am going to try something new! I am going to call it Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comment Tag. I want to do this tag to not only give my readers/subscribers a chance to learn more about me, but for me to also communicate and learn more about my readers/subscribers through my blogs comment section. Here is what I am going to do. On this post, I am going to have 10 questions and I would like anyone who reads this post to answer at least one of them in my comment section and in return I will reply and give you my answer to the same question. I will answer a question multiple times if need be or if you have a question for me that I don’t have on this post, go ahead and ask me your question. I am so hoping you enjoy and participate in this tag.  I also would like for any of my fellow bloggers to consider themselves tagged to do this on your blog. So let’s get this Funday Friday Comment Tag started!

Beth and Beauty's Funday Friday Comment Tag!

The first five questions are all beauty related and the last five are a little more personal. Let’s have fun and get to know each other a little better!

  1. How many times a day do you wash your face?
  2. Do you or have you ever had acne prone skin?
  3. What brand of mascara do you use?
  4. Are you clumsy putting on your makeup?
  5. What foundation do you use?
  6. Where is somewhere that you are dreaming of going one day?
  7. What is one thing that aggravates you about the blogging community?
  8. What would be your dream job?
  9. What is one of your biggest fears? It can be spiders, snakes, failing at something, etc.!
  10. Looking back, Is there anything you would want to change or do differently?

Okay, for this tag to work, please choose your question and leave the answer below and I will reply with my answer to same question.

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