Beth and Beauty’s Makeup Eraser Review: Does this really work??

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Hi! My fellow beauties! Today on Beth and Beauty I am going to do a review on the original Makeup Eraser. I first heard of this reusable makeup  remover cloth from a blog post on It was one of her tip Tuesday articles. I love her Tip Tuesday articles and her you tube videos, so when I saw this and she was saying how it had worked for her, I clicked on the link and bought this from Well, $28 dollars later, after taxes and shipping, I received it in about 5-7 days. I was excited to try this so I followed directions carefully. The directions were as follows:

  1. Wash Eraser prior to first erase! Washing instructions were on tag and they were to: machine wash cool delicate and tumble dry low.
  2. Wet portion of Makeup Eraser…..Drenched Wet! Use Warm Water.
  3. Erase by gently rub off makeup in circular motion. Then flip Eraser to long nap side to exfoliate!
  4. Wash Makeup Eraser as needed.

I was very careful to follow directions, which as you can see, were very simple. The cloth, as you hopefully can see above, does have 2 different type of sides, one side has a slightly shorter nap than the other. I have to be honest if it wasn’t for tag on the longer nap side then I would not have been able to tell the difference between the two. Most especially when it was wet.  So, lets get to the review or Does this thing really work?  I got this phrase from watching Grav3yardgirl’s YouTube Videos where she does reviews of items that has the “As seen on Tv” Logo on them. If you have never watched any of them click on her link and you will laugh so hard plus learn about the products. Ok, back to review, I drenched the short nap side with warm water and I gently rubbed in circular motions to wipe off my makeup. Then flipped Eraser over to the long nap side to exfoliate. This worked somewhat okay for the face makeup but my eyes, I felt I had to rub to hard on them to get what I did off. You can see the before and after picture of my face above. I also included a picture of the cheap Forever 21 Lavender Makeup remover wipe I used after using the Eraser and the Cotton Round with my eye makeup remover on it after the Eraser. Lastly, I included a picture of the 1/2 cotton round with my toner on it that I used on my face after using the Eraser, makeup wipe and my Clarisonic with facial cleanser. Sad to say, I do not believe the Eraser works at all! When I use my Lush makeup remover lotion, makeup wipes and my Clarisonic Mia 2 with cleanser, I rarely, if ever, have any makeup come off on my cotton round using my toner. As you can see above, I had quite a bit on the toner drenched cotton round. I am going to share with you below another close up before and after picture of the Makeup Eraser.

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I want to also make sure you know, I did not have any type of special makeup on either. I had just used a Clinique CC Cream sample as my foundation and I even just used a drug store Rimmell Mascara. It was a light makeup day. I was sad that this did not work as the product claimed to work! The packaging claims by buying this you will save $1,000’s with the Reusable Makeup Eraser. I do not agree, I guess you could use this wipe and put the makeup remover on it instead buying the disposable makeup wipes. But, that is not how this product is advertised to be used. It says clearly on their website and packaging that this eraser is suppose to remove all your makeup with Just Water! Now Miranda from Slashed Beauty just did an review on a washable wipe that comes in a package of 3 that she really liked and when I commented on her post that I had just got the Makeup Eraser, she commented back and asked me to do a review on this because she had heard about this one and wanted to know how I like it. If you want to see the cloths that Miranda tried out for her blog Slashed Beauty click here.

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