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Any type of tag post that another blogger or you tuber tags me to do! Example: Q & A, Random personal facts about myself. etc.

What’s in My Bag? #tag #video

Hope you enjoy this tag video! I reveal what is in my purse. One of my sweet subscriber/friend requested for me to do this video!

If you are interested in where I got my purse organizer, here is the link: Periea Handbag Organiser, 12 Compartments – Chelsy (Black, Medium) You can choose whatever color you would like!!  Happy Shopping!


Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag!

Beth and Beauty's Funday Friday!

Hi! Beauties! It is time for Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag! In case you have missed the last three weeks, I have started doing this Funday Friday Comments Tag to not only give my readers/subscribers a chance to learn more about me, but for me to also communicate and learn more about my readers/subscribers through my blogs comment section. Here is how it works, each Friday, I am going to have 10 questions. The questions will be different each week. I will leave links below to the last three weeks just in case anyone would like to review them and choose one of those questions also. I would like anyone who reads this post to answer at least one of them in my non-restricted comment section and in return I will reply and give you my answer to the same question. I will answer a question multiple times if need be or if you have a question for me that I don’t have on this post, go ahead and ask me your question. I am so hoping you enjoy and participate in this tag.  I also would like for any of my fellow bloggers to consider themselves tagged to do this on your blog.  The questions are a mixture of beauty, fashion, home decor and even some personal ones. So let’s get this Funday Friday Comments Tag started!

  1. Do you consider yourself a shop-a-holic or a Fanny Frugal?
  2. If your were to go camping, Do you camp in a cabin with A/C or rough it out in a tent?
  3. High heels or Flats?
  4. Favorite Place to part your hair? Middle or side?
  5. Shave or wax legs?
  6. What is the best tip (beauty, health, etc.) you have gotten from a blog?
  7. How long do you keep your bath towels before discarding them? (Please someone pick this one…LOL)
  8. Do you stockpile your favorite makeup product/color?
  9. Do you burn candles or use wax melts?
  10. Do you thrift shop? Garage sales, thrift stores, etc.

Okay, like I have said the last three weeks, for this tag to work I need you to participate. Please choose your question and leave the answer below and I will reply with my answer to the same question. I want to thank everyone that has participated the last three weeks, please also tell a friend and get them to join in on the fun. I really have had fun and I hope you have too. Let’s make this weeks Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag the biggest one yet.

Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag!  Week 1

Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag!  Week 2

Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag!  Week 3

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