Walmart Weekly Grocery Hau ($81.11)l & Meal Plan for Jan 14-20, 2019

As I was telling you guys in my last post that I have been filming my budgeted grocery hauls and weekly meal plans on my youtube channel!  I would love you would check out my youtube channel and subscribe, be sure and click the little bell so you will get notifications when I upload videos! It is free….! I seem to stay more active on my youtube channel than my blog…I am trying to correct that! Thanks to all of you that has stayed and continue to watch my blog posts when I do share one!





Catch Up! Where I have been & What I have been up to! First, Whats For Dinner Video Share

You know when a new year starts and you set all those goals….I did that…but my body decided something different….I had some health issues that arose but now I am proud to say am on the way to feeling better and getting them better…wish I could say fixed but I will take getting better!

In meantime…I have rediscovered my love of cooking, budgeting, and have been sharing my weekly budgeted grocery hauls along with a weekly What’s for Dinner video on Saturdays on my youtube channel. The first What’s for Dinner is above…Hope you enjoy! You may see multiple post here on my blog because I want to share with you what I have been up to!


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