Some Questions and Answers (tag!)

Makeup Tag

Hi! Beauties! Today I am going to do a tag article that I chose to do for you after reading it on I did make some adjustments on a couple of the questions so it would suit me better. I thought this would give you a chance to get to know me and my makeup taste a little more. I would like to tag Miranda at, Rebecca B. Bird at and Emily at Also any of you that would like to do this tag consider yourself tagged. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to email me your answeres or leave them below in the comment section. So let’s get started.

  1. What is your favorite eye shadow palette to use? At this time I would have to say my Lorac Unzipped.
  2. What’s the one product you wouldn’t leave the house without? I am assuming I am leaving the house with my makeup on so I would have to say the lipstick I had put on before leaving the house.
  3. What’s your favorite makeup look? Rose Gold/Brown eyes with winged eyeliner and a pinkish nude lipstick.
  4. What features do you play up the most? My eye brows and eyes.
  5. What features do you downplay/cover up the most? My pores and fine lines.
  6. Your favorite Makeup brand, if you could only pick ONE to exist? Drugstore: L’Oreal / High-end: Lorac
  7. What product have you re-purchased again and again? L’Oreal Clean Artiste waterproof & long wearing eye makeup remover (the green bottle)
  8. One Beauty treatment you would pay to have done? My eyebrows waxed and shaped by Cristina  at Nordstrom’s Anastasia Brow Studio
  9. One beauty trick you can share with anyone? You should start your makeup routine by doing your eye brows first. First you wipe them down with a kleenex to make sure they are dry and no moisturizer is left on them. Then fill them in with your eye brow powder and then use a brow pencil to define them.This will make your brow makeup stay on all day and the brow powder and pencil go on true to color.
  10. Best advice you’ve ever been given regarding beauty and makeup? Make sure to remove all your makeup with a good makeup remover of your choice, then apply an toner to balance the skins ph levels(plus will make sure all traces of makeup are gone) and then apply a moisturizer/night cream. Try your best not to go to bed with your makeup on!

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