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MAC Birthday Haul

MAC Z Palette Birthday Haul

Hi! Beauties! I know it has been quite a while since I have uploaded a post to Beth and Beauty. I chose to take a hiatus from my blog for a bit. I am back and with one of my 50th Birthday presents from my great husband. As you can see from the above picture it was from MAC.  I chose to get my first Z Palette along with 4 of the most poplar single eye shadows that was recommended by my friend Nathalie The Beauty Diva. Plus, I had to get another bottle of the magical spray, Fix +. I love this spray. I use it every time I apply my makeup.

MAC Z Palette and Single Eye Shadows

First, I must show you my Z Palette with my 4 new eye shadows stored inside. For anyone who may not know what a Z Palette is, it is a magnetized compact that you can store your single eye shadow pans, blush pans, etc. The fact that it and the single eye shadow pans are magnetized , you can place them in and they don’t move around. You are essentially able to build your own personalized beauty palette.

MAC Z Palette etc Birthday Haul Collage

As you can see from the above picture, I chose neutral/natural colors. Shroom being a white (golden peachy tone) shimmer, it is great to use on your brow bone and inner corner of eye. Naked Lunch is a gold with pink tone shimmer, it will be great for your mobile eye lid or to use as a brow bone and inner corner of eye highlight. Wedge is a matte cool toned taupe which will work great in your crease or as a transition color. Brun is a matte dark brown which will work great as an outer eye definer (outer V) or even a crease color. I can not wait to try them all out.  For anyone who may not have a MAC store near you, you can order most all of the products from Nordstrom with free shipping, no minimum purchase. If not available at Nordstrom you can always use MAC’s website maccosmetics.com, I believe it is free shipping with a $50 purchase.

I would be glad to post an eye look using these colors and how/where I used each color, if you would like. If you would, please hit the “Like” button and/or leave me a comment telling me so. I would also appreciate any other blog post requests you would like for me to do for you. Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you will choose to subscribe so not to miss any of my blog posts.

Thanks, Xo Xo