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Weekly Planner Collab with Cori Sharer and Thrifty Fifty, September 14-20, 2015

Help me decorate and plan my week! This is a collaboration I do with Cori Sharer and Liz(ThriftyFifty) every Sunday. We each decorate our own week with a different theme using craft supplies,ex: stickers, washi tape etc. Each of us do not know what theme the other is doing each week until the videos are released.

We would love for anyone to join us doing this collaboration. As you will see by watch the videos, we each have different kinds of planners and ways of decorating. I am just using a $5 planner I got from Walmart. I use mine mostly for a daily “To Do” list. So, you don’t have to be a big career person or even a real busy person to do this. I have found this to help me get more done through out my week and it is so much fun along with being relaxing for me. If you would like to join, you don’t have to do it with a youtube video, you can do it by a blogpost, Facebook etc. Just leave me a comment on this blog post or on my youtube video telling me you want to join along with your email address for me to contact you. It is a non-pressure collaboration, you don’t have to do one every week. This is just for fun!

Links to Cori’s & ThriftyFifty’s videos:

Cori Sharer

Office Depot & Walmart Haul ~ September 10, 2015

Come join me on an adventure to Office Depot and Walmart! I found some great meat deals along with some other groceries. Found a few “needs” WANTS…….at Office Depot! I am looking forward to working on some pocket letters this weekend with some of the supplies I got!

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