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Neiman Marcus, North Park Mall, Sick & Little Rant! September 16-19, 2015

Hi Beauties! I thought I would share my experiences from last week. I got the chance to go to Dallas, TX to the North Park Mall. I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to meet two “Beauty Gurus” from youtube. They both would just giggle and tell you they are just like me just a beauty enthusiast. Either way, I got to meet them face to face and I had a blast.

One of the ladies I got to meet was Joye Smith from California! She is just a very special lady and friend that I made through this youtube world. We clicked in our conversations in her comment section of her videos, Facebook etc. She for the last 3 years has always encouraged me to make my own videos. She was one of the first people that I let know when I finally did my first video this last month. She was so kind and generous to me that day! Another video coming up soon with the gifts she presented me that day.

The other lady I met also through youtube and Joye. Her name is Linda, her youtube channel ‘s name is Goddess1207. She is a fellow Texan. We were in her stompin grounds, so she was able to organize where we could meet up. She even hosted a dinner at her home on the 15th. Sadly I could not make this dinner due to personal reasons. I thought I was going to have to cancel my whole trip but she reached out to me and we were able to make arrangements to meet for our lunch we had on Wednesday, September 16. She was also so very generous to me.  I will tell you as a Goddess, she is just a down to earth Texan girl like me! I am so glad to have made another friend close by.

As you will see in the video (vlog) we met at the Neiman Marcus Sandwich shop. It was a beautiful little quant shop. The food was wonderful! We three divided a piece of their delicious chocolate cake. It was chocolate heaven………Joye fought and won the last bite! It was a battle well won….”giggling to myself”.  They then introduced me to the Tom Ford cosmetic world. Tom, is a very tempting man…..LOL! He comes in so many beautiful colors. In the forms of lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, etc………His makeup brushes are to die for!!

I hope you enjoy my Neiman Marcus, North Park Mall adventure! Please feel free to contact me and communicate with me through any of the social media forums you choose. I have links here for all of them.