Saturday Snapshot! Why! YouTube? Oct 8-13, 2017

I GOT UP THIS MORNING AND THEY HAVE REINSTATED MY CHANNEL!! YAY!! I said Yay! To quick…it seems I have my channel back but as soon as I uploaded this video to my channel it was flagged and video was taken down! This is crazy!


This weeks vlog has you going with me running errands, going to see my dad in the nursing home. I even included a get ready with me in my truck while in Walmart’s parking lot….LOL! Hope you enjoy!


*Affiliate Links

Vionic Active Sneaker 

Vionic Ballet Slippers

Vionic Flip Flops (thongs)

All the shoes above was purchased by me at Dillards…..I am sharing my affiliate links to the shoes so you can just check them out…I will tell  you they are cheaper on the Amazon links. I went in person to Dillards because I wanted to make sure I got correct size…I can tell you they are all three true to size to my other shoes. QVC has a video that shows you how the insole of the shoes work. Chick Here to it….I am not an affiliate of QVC….


Plan With Me & Tanya Oct 9-15, 2017

Above picture is hand drawn by Keena Prints

Hi! Guys! I am trying to learn more of posting my videos directly to Facebook and then here on my blog! So I may not be able to get both go up at exact same time…but close!

Link to featured sticker kit:

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