Adovia Facial Lift and Firm Serum with Dead Sea Minerals

Hi! Beauties! Today I want to do a review of this Adovia Facial Lift Adovia Face Serumand Firm Serum with Dead Sea Minerals that also contains Vitamin C. I have been adding this product to my nightly routine for the last 2 weeks.  I will as always first share with you what the website claims the product will do for you, along with a link where you can purchase this product.

The website claims that with this product you can expect:

  • Achieve An Instant Lift and Anti Aging Effects on Your Skin
  • Delivers Anti Wrinkle Results Over Time
  • Vitamin C – Also Contains a High Concentration of Vitamin C for Anti Wrinkle Antioxidant Skin Protection
  • Dead Sea Salt – Formulated with a High Concentration of Dead Sea Minerals and Salt – 21 Minerals Essential for Skin Health and Beauty
  • Non-Oily Moisturizer Delivers Deep Hydration and Nutrient Absorbtion

Get Firmer, More Radiant Looking Skin – Non-Oily Deep Moisturizer Delivers Minerals & Nutrients Deep Into Skin – Satisfaction Guaranteed

I have received, tried and reviewed quite a few Adovia Dead Sea Minerals products and except for the hair conditioner I have enjoyed the products. This product comes in a gel like formula in a pump bottle. I love products that come in a pump style bottle. I feel like it is more sanitary to use.  However, this product did not pump very easily out of the bottle. I don’t know if I just got a bad pump or if the gel was just too thick to dispense well through the pump. I will say the gel feels so good when you are applying it to your face. It is cool and dries fast and it is not greasy at all.  I have only used it for two weeks so I really can not verify any anti-aging claims, but I can say my face is very soft, smooth and feels hydrated. If you would like to read more about this product or purchase it on Amazon just click here.