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Heritage Roll-up Pencil CaseHi! Beauties! Today on Beth and Beauty I want to share with you a makeup organization tool/tip I have found. I got this idea actually from an You Tube Video by Kristin Gehm that I watched. She used a different type of pencil case, that I one day will probably work up to needing. Right now though, I have found that this Heritage Roll-Up Pencil Case ($6.95)is more than sufficient for my needs. I found this at Amazon. com and it holds 36 pencils (Eye and Lip liner pencils). Here is the link if you are interested in checking it out: Heritage Roll-Up Pencil Case (SPC36). It is made of an tough canvas with a leather like strap that wraps around the roll up and snaps in place.  I am so glad and thankful for watching and getting this idea from Kristen.


Heritage Roll-up Pencil Case (inside)

As pictured above, it also has a top and bottom pencil flap that protects your eye or lip liner pencils. This way you do not have to worry about them falling out of roll. It also contains a little pouch that holds a pencil sharpener.

Heritage Roll-up Pencil Case(filled with liner pencils)

As you can see by the above picture that I have stored all my eyeliners and lip liners. I was surprised I only needed one of Heritage Roll-up Pencil Case(rolling up)these, I had thought I had ordered two but I only received one. I checked order and sure enough I had only ordered one. I am seriously thinking about going ahead and ordering another one, so I will have one for my eye liners and one for my lip pencils. You can see by the above picture I am running low on space. I am a beauty junkie so I know my collection will be growing…..LOL! I am loving this case because I have color organized my eye and lip pencils and they are all easy to access without having to dig around in a little drawer or jar. After you have put your eye or lip liners in the slots, all you then do is start on the end and roll it up and then wrap the attached strap around it and snap it to the pouch.

Heritage Roll-up Pencil Case(filled and rolled up)

Above, is what it looks like full and rolled up. I can see this is going to be a much used case. I really think it will be so easy to travel with these. You won’t have to worry about whether you packed the right color of eye or lip liner.  For your convenience and to help me out also, I will leave you my affiliate link to this product once again:

Heritage Roll-Up Pencil Case (SPC36)

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