Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag! 04112014

Beth and Beauty's Funday Friday Comments Tag 04/11/2014

Hi! Beauties! It’s Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag time!!!! In case you missed it last week, I have started doing this Funday Friday Comments Tag to not only give my readers/subscribers a chance to learn more about me, but for me to also communicate and learn more about my readers/subscribers through my blogs comment section. Here is how it works, on this post, I am going to have 10 questions and I would like anyone who reads this post to answer at least one of them in my comment section and in return I will reply and give you my answer to the same question. I will answer a question multiple times if need be or if you have a question for me that I don’t have on this post, go ahead and ask me your question. I am so hoping you enjoy and participate in this tag.  I also would like for any of my fellow bloggers to consider themselves tagged to do this on your blog.  The questions are a mixture of beauty, fashion, home decor and even some personal ones. So let’s get this Funday Friday Comment Tag started!

  1. Do you wash your hair everyday?
  2. Do you like body wash or bar soap?
  3. Is there anything you feel like you have failed at?
  4. What is your favorite brand of blush?
  5. Which do you hang on your wall—-Butterfly or Landscape picture?
  6. Once I had a broken ________ bone?
  7. What is your favorite foundation primer?
  8. What is something you would like to wear (fashion wise), but have never wore it?
  9. Do you think applying a moisturizer to your face in the morning time is necessary?
  10. Any vacation ideas for this summer?


Okay, like I said  last week for this tag to work, please choose your question and leave the answer below and I will reply with my answer to same question. I want to thank everyone that participated last week, I really had fun and I hope you did too. Let’s make this weeks Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag even bigger and more fun.

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  • Ashley

    I Am Going To Go With #6…..I Broke My Radius Bone 6 Months Ago And Had To Have Surgery. 🙁

    • Ouch! that sounds like it was painful! I hope it is better now!! Lucky enough, I have never broke a bone. “knocking on wood”. Thanks for participating!!

  • Katy Amezcua

    Thank you for following me on bloglovin! Love your blog! xo, Katy

    • Thank you, Katy! Hope you will come back and join this tag and choose a question!

  • Rhonda

    #9 I absolutely think you need to moisturize in the mornings to re-hydrate your skin for the day. If you are going outside, you need to make sure your moisturizer has an SPF. If you’re applying makeup, then going with a lighter one is necessary. If you’re not wearing makeup and staying home, then just go for it! I like to use coconut oil on some days. If you want to know about the benefits, check out my article here:

    • I agree with you, I moisturize everyday and make sure if I am going out side for the day I add a spf if my moisturizer doesn’t already have one. Thank you for participating!!!

  • I’ll go for #2: I prefer bar soap, but usually end up using body wash because our shower is so small that it’s really awkward to keep a soap dish in there! How about you?

    • I actually like body wash better, Dove Deep Moisture is my favorite one! Thank you so much for participating today!!!

  • Kayla

    I choosevquestion one. Yes I have to wash my hair everyday if I don’t my hair looks like a grease ball.

    • I only wash mine the most 3 times a week now! I use to do the same as you! Everyone has different hair types and ways they do their hair. I have just found that not washing my hair everyday has made mine feel healthier! Thanks for participating!

  • My hair gets SO greasy I feel like washing it every day, but I know that’s not good for it so I use a ton of dry shampoo and pull it back. I can’t go longer than that, though… I get so jealous of these girls who only wash their hair like twice a week and their hair looks amazing!

    • I know, right!! I didn’t say mine looks good when I only wash it maybe 3 times a week…..LOL!!, I definitely have to keep it up on day 2 or 3! Plus it helps that I really don’t leave the house everyday also!! Thank you so much for participating!!!

  • Tanya Lovetere

    Any vacation ideas for this summer? I’m going to Riviera Maya Mexico in July! How about you?

    • That sounds like fun!! We are planning on going to see my daughter, son-in-law and more importantly my grandbabies in El Paso hopefully in the middle of July!

      • Tanya Lovetere

        ooh nice! My brother is stationed in El Paso right now. Hes been there 3 years. He’s finally getting out of the army soon.

        • Wow! This is a small world, my son-in-law is making a career out of the military, I believe he has 6 years left. They should be leaving El Paso though around October or November, to where ????

          • Tanya Lovetere

            thats the crappy part of having a military career…moving around all the time. Best of luck to them though, where ever they go! 🙂

  • Shoot I’m late to this party. I didn’t read my blogs until this afternoon! I choose number 5 — I actually have a really butterfly in a frame. My brother is an entomologist and studied tiger swallowtail butterflies in grad school, and he gave me one for christmas one year.

    • Oh! I am so jealous! I would so love to have a picture like that! I absolutely love butterflies. By the way you can never be too late to play Funday Friday Comments tag…..LOL! Thank you so much for participating!!!!

  • loveyouandthem

    Hello lovely! I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award! Check out my latest post for the details! 🙂


  • Krista Davis

    I just now read your post. I was busy all weekend. But I only wash my hair once a week. I follow the No Poo method and love it!

    • I just read your post this morning! I found it very informing and interesting. I have noticed also since I stopped washing my hair everyday that my hair is longer than it has been in forever and is so much more healthier. I also try not to blow dry my hair very often. I for the biggest part let it dry naturally.

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