Beth and Beauty’s Funday Fridays Comments Tag 04182014

Beth and Beauty's Funday Fridays Comments Tag

Hi! Beauties! Where has the week gone?  It is time for Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag! In case you have missed the last  two weeks, I have started doing this Funday Friday Comments Tag to not only give my readers/subscribers a chance to learn more about me, but for me to also communicate and learn more about my readers/subscribers through my blogs comment section. Here is how it works, each Friday, I am going to have 10 questions. The questions will be different each week. I will leave links below to the last two weeks just in case anyone would like to review them and choose one of those questions also. I would like anyone who reads this post to answer at least one of them in my comment section and in return I will reply and give you my answer to the same question. I will answer a question multiple times if need be or if you have a question for me that I don’t have on this post, go ahead and ask me your question. I am so hoping you enjoy and participate in this tag.  I also would like for any of my fellow bloggers to consider themselves tagged to do this on your blog.  The questions are a mixture of beauty, fashion, home decor and even some personal ones. So let’s get this Funday Friday Comment Tag started!

  1. At what age did you start a skincare routine?
  2. What is your favorite home remedy? Health, Laundry, Beauty or Cooking etc.
  3. What is the craziest beauty tip or fad you’ve ever tried?
  4. At what age in today’s society do you feel is the appropriate age for a girl to start wearing makeup?
  5. Coffee? Tea? or both?
  6. Here is a flip side question! What is your favorite guilt-free snack/What is your guilty pleasure?
  7. What is one beauty tip that you use regularly?
  8. What is your most treasured piece of art? It can be anything you consider as art!
  9. Flip Flops or Buckled Sandals?
  10. It is 9 P.M. and you only have one hour to watch something on the TV! Do you choose HGTV or QVC? or ?

Okay, like I have said the last two weeks, for this tag to work I need you to participate. Please choose your question and leave the answer below and I will reply with my answer to same question. I want to thank everyone that has participated the last two weeks, I really have had fun and I hope you have too. Let’s make this weeks Beth and Beauty’s Funday Friday Comments Tag even bigger and more fun.

Beth and Beauty’s Funday Fridays Comments Tag 04/04/2014

Beth and Beauty’s Funday Fridays Comments Tag 04/11/2014

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