MAC Is in the House: Whoo! Hoo!

MAC Products

Hi! Beauties! Today MAC in in the house! Can I get a Whoo! Hoo! I want to share with you what I have added to my small but growing MAC collection. I got these lovely additions while on my Birthday get-a-way last month. I am loving them. The products I got were: MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in DOLLYMIX, MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl, MAC Satin Lipstick in SNOB and MAC Lip Pencil in BEET. Let me tell you a little bit about each product then I will show you some swatches of them. The Shimmer Blush in the color DOLLYMIX is a beautiful pink/rosy color. Don’t let the Shimmer in the name of the product scare you off, it is more of a satin not so much shimmer finish. Since it is a Sheertone  blush you can build up the color to be as dark or light as you wish easily. The Cream Colour Base in Pearl is a multi-use product. It can be used as an eye shadow base or the way I have been using it is as my upper cheek highlighter and I have found it works wonderful for this purpose, it is not too shimmery but has just enough to give you a little glow. Looks like little fairies have come down and touched you with their magic wand…….! Sorry, may have got a little carried away there!!! The Satin Lipstick in the color Snob is a gorgeous pink, no worries, not a barbie doll pink and the sweet vanilla smell of the MAC Lipsticks is just wonderful. The final product is the Lip Pencil in the color BEET. It is a creamy pencil that you can use to outline your lip or you can use it to fill in your entire lip to add a different dimension to your lipstick. Oh! Did I mention that it has a blue under tone so it makes your teeth look whiter. Now let’s look at the swatches.

MAC Swatches

I took a picture using the flash and one without using the flash, as you can see in the above picture. Let’s start from the top. The first swatch is the Lip Pencil in the color BEET. Second is the Satin Lipstick in the color SNOB. Third is the Sheertone Shimmer Blush in the color DOLLYMIX, as you can see above this blush does not come across to shimmery. I did build the color up to make sure it showed well in the picture, so it can be applied with a lighter hand than I used above. The last swatch is the Cream Colour Base in the color Pearl.

FOTD Wearing My New MAC Products

The above picture is a FOTD (Face Of The Day) with me wearing all the MAC products I mentioned in this article. I hope you enjoyed seeing and learning about my new additions to my MAC collection.

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